Our Renovation Philosophy

Having studied and been influenced by legendary architects of past and present designer Tom McBroom has always embraced personal creativity to guide his work. Rather than be cast in the model of someone else’s style he applies his own knowledge, experience and vision to a project by simply being himself. Seeking to be the ‘first’ Tom McBroom and not a reincarnation of a classic designer from another era provides the framework for an authentic Thomas McBroom signature design.

Restoring or renovating an existing course has similar application. However these types of projects are approached by our firm with a slightly alternative mindset dictated by the needs of the client and with an inherent understanding that the past must be preserved when required.

Quite often renovation and restoration are exercises in course re-branding. For Tom McBroom Associates it’s about re-creating spirit, re-energizing enthusiasm and reinventing strategic elements based on how the game is played in the modern era. Returning “what is” to “what was” can be superficial in context. When our firm signs on for renovation or restoration work we seek to improve and enhance. Our mission is to turn something construed with a “B” grade into an “A+”. Those are challenges we relish. Centrally focused on bunkers, green complexes, tees and overall strategies our renovation and restoration background includes practice ranges, short game facilities and routing changes to accommodate infrastructure.   

Historical restorations demand research through blueprints and old images to bring a course back to original. We respect clients seeking a return to their course roots by resurrecting the detail and vision incorporated by the original designer.  At the same time we are forthcoming to clients. When their vision and the realities of a site or project do not coordinate we communicate that information, offer sound rationale for our opinion and convey potential alternatives.

Discerning client needs through practical experience and integrity ensures a Thomas McBroom Associates course renovation or restoration will be relevant in the short and long term while helping it attract enthusiastic new customers or members for generations to come.


McBroom's Rules of Golf Design