Rocky Crest

Opened 2000 in Muskoka, Ontario

Rocky Crest is a rare example of pushing the architectural envelope while using a minimalist touch. Having succeeded with his earlier Muskoka experiments in exposing rock, McBroom went further at Rocky Crest. The result is an internationally acclaimed course known for its distinctive Canadian character and trend-setting rock motif. McBroom revealed glorious outcroppings of natural granite, creating aesthetic appeal and strategic nuances that were novel when Rocky Crest opened. On the famous sixth hole, he makes the elevated tee shot an extraordinary adventure by presenting golfers with a 180-yard carry over a stunning granite canyon. Presented with a majestic northern landscape of 300 acres, McBroom massaged it gently, letting the holes run lightly through the trees and rock, creating a sense of harmony and flow, and a very enjoyable walking course. Rocky Crest was instantly recognized as a Canadian Classic and ranks among Canada's Top 10.

Awards & Accolades

“Tom's design respectfully takes advantage of Muskoka's natural attributes and provides a golf experience that is challenging, a joy to play and utterly unique.”   Bruce Simmonds, former ClubLink President and CEO