Southwood Club

Opened 2011 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

In 2007 the members of the venerable Southwood Golf and Country Club voted to move from their facility next to the University of Manitoba to a site on the La Salle River adjacent to an old monastery ruins in St. Norbert. The Club’s existing course had become cramped by encroaching development and university expansion. With a firm vision of the future, the Club took bold action and chose to relocate to a new site, thus creating an opportunity for renewal. Tom McBroom was hired to design the expansive prairie style course that plays off the La Salle River, the historic monastery and big prairie sky. What has emerged is an extraordinary course: big, walkable and memorable. A bold re-invention of Manitoba’s oldest club. 

Awards & Accolades

"It's awesome. It was a very emotional day for me personally. The course has everything that Tom promised, wide fairways, so even on a windy day it plays well. It's got some fescue like the British Open, a hazard, and some fescue that's very playable. And I think the people who went out where totally blown away by the quality of the greens and their speed."

Ian Shaw, Chair of Southwood's Project Steering Committee (from Winnipeg Free Press)